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Webster's New Explorer Dictionary Of Word Origins

Websters New Explorer Dictionary

Federal Street Press

Author: Merriam-Webster

It's essential to read Webster's New Explorer Dictionary a fabulous children's book by Merriam-Webster. Written by Merriam-Webster and it was published by Federal Street Press. The dictionary became available on the 30th of June, 2004. The child's book has 544 pages. For the best price on this child's dictionary besides other items, check out the add to cart button below.

Written in a witty, conversational style, Webster's New Explorer Dictionary of Word Origins describes how some common and not-so-common words entered the English language and how their meanings evolved. The histories of these words are among numerous fascinating stories of how language is shaped by people and events. Others, like workaholic, were coined only recently. Some, like icicle and wiseacre, came to us from other languages and have been transformed to develop new words. An invaluable resource for students and amateur etymologists alike, this volume offers both beneficial details and entertaining reading.


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