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Longman Basic Dictionary Of American English

Longman Basic Dictionary Of American

Pearson Education ESL

Author: Pearson Education

For anybody who is in the market for a children's book We have put together very good info. Longman Basic Dictionary Of American English is the right children's book. Written by Pearson Education and the publisher is Pearson Education ESL. This book was available on bookshelves on the 4th of August, 1999. The children's book has 369 pages.

The clear, simple definitions are written making use of the 2,000-word Longman Defining Vocabulary, which indicates that college students may possibly be sure to understand the explanations. The fun cartoons and clear, open design, add up to a dictionary that college students will enjoy using! Helpful, natural examples illustrate the words and phrases in typical contexts, so college students learn as well as understand.


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